My Movie Realization

So you may think I’m just a movie fanatic or something of the sorts, but that’s not what I mean, just in case you were thinking that. What I mean, is that life is just like the movies, in ways we like to ignore, for the sakes of our laziness.

So let’s take a look at our first big movie genre – action and adventure. Personally I love action and adventure, because it seems to be able to perfectly smooth over all of the dialogue, which leaves room for less cheesy conversations, and quotes (no non-teacher humans I’ve ever met, actually use quotes that casually!). The whole genre pretty much relies on the main character(s) being smart enough, and lucky enough to somehow make it out of every life or death experience. It’s the same with you and me on this dangerous Earth of ours. Every day, there are an unbelieavable number of vehicle addidents Every day, there is another horrible amount of fires. So it’s a miracle that I haven’t died yet. To all the alive and well readers out there: CONGRATULATIONS! You’ve survived this long! Another similar thing between the genre of action and adventure and the genre of life, is the way that disasters seem to come out of absolutely no where. Of course not literally no where, because it’s almost always the fault of our humanity, but it always seems that way.

Now we shall move onto our next big genre, informational. So this one’s pretty obvious. We live in the real world as far as we know. And now that I think about it, this would be real in a fake world too. Informational=science. And obviously we live in a world made of science. And if you didn’t know that, than I’m surprised you are one of the lucky survivors. 

Next up, we have drama. This may not be true for everyone, but for most. You know the person who is just so frustrating to be around, all because they make everything so dramatic. They’re hard to deal with, and really stick you in a pickle sometimes. Then you wonder: How could they ever decide to be this person? Well, that person is the drama movie all alone. And along with them, life is tough. It’s unfair, annoying, ruthless, confusing, and stressful. But, in the end, that’s LIFE.

Life’s unfair, so suck it up, and deal.


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